“You’ll always have this sort of love-hate relationship with Glen Helen simply because of how difficult it is and how rewarding it feels to achieve success there. You definitely earn your success at Glen Helen and that’s why you have to respect it, because it will bite you.”

– Ryan Villopoto, Reigning Two-Time Series Champion

“Some of the guys see the (elevation) changes and feel a little intimidated “I’m used to it. A lot don’t like the roughness and the rocks, but I do.”

– Josh Grant, Toyota/Yamaha/Joe Gibbs Rider


“I hate coming to Glen Helen [laughs] …you get here in the morning, and it’s good for about an hour and then it just gets super hard.”

– James Stewart

“The track is always good, but it is one of the gnarlier ones. I think for raw motocross, it is good with the elevation.”

 Jake Weimer, Monster Energy Kawasaki Rider

“[Glen Helen is] internationally noted for its unparalleled elevation changes — including the 400-foot high Mt. St. Helen — and terrain that physically challenges riders in two classes.”

– The Daily Bulletin

“Great track. Awesome natural terrain layout. It sure does get rough throughout the day. That what makes it good.”

– Corey McCaslin, Glen Helen Facebook Fan

“Glen Helen raceway is by far, the best, roughest, most challenging track in California, always a great experience!!!”

-Darren Berg, Glen Helen Facebook Fan

“Your bike needs to work good if you want to ride here. Bring some tissue and tools, son, you’ll use both! C’mon…”

– Krag Mccall, Glen Helen Facebook Fan

Glen Helen was so sick today – said no one ever”

– Dean Wilson

“All in favor of Glen Helen!! ” I “

– Josh Grant